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I love honey. Yes, I do.

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

About a year ago, my family ventured into the world of apiaries. We responded to a post on Facebook offering NUCs of honey bees from the Eastern half of our state. Each NUC would contain one queen and about 10,000 bees. We purchased two NUCs and spent an afternoon putting together our hive boxes. When the bees arrived, I drove my little car an hour north to pick them up from the original FB poster. My son (who is not keen on bees) came along with me. We put the two boxes of buzzing bees in the back of my car, and anxiously drove home...avoiding any kind of bump or sharp turn. My husband became the designated beekeeper, and I was his assistant, standing at a distance. He installed the bees in their new homes, and we provided jars of sugar water for them to consume until flowers became readily available. They seemed to enjoy their new homes and we spent the summer watching them come and go. Most people know that bees in colonies have jobs. There are bees that spend their whole life tending to the young, there are the foragers that go out and collect pollen, and my favorite, are the undertaker bees. They keep the hives tidy by removing dead bees. Yes. Crazy. If you watch closely, you can see the occasional bee fly out of the hive with a dead bee in it's grasp. They will fly away, at least several feet, drop the corpse, then return and do it all over again. When you first install the bees, there are many that die in transit. Those first few days after installation are great times to observe undertakers at work.

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