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Farm to Table in the Woods

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Nearly four years ago, my family moved from a small house with a small yard in the city to a large house on 1.5 acres out in the woods. It was the best decision we've made as a family. The reasons we believe that are too numerous to go into here, but I will say that one of the benefits to having land is that we can grow our own fruits and vegetables. Our new house had a small fenced garden, with four raised beds. That first summer, I brought our two potted columnar apple trees, potted Arbequina olive tree and one potted blueberry bush to the new garden. I cleaned up the neglected beds, amended them with compost and fresh soil. Planted lettuces, spinach, carrots. It was a great start!

The next spring, our neighbor stopped by unexpectedly. He had rented an excavator for the weekend, and had finished what he needed to do with it. He knew we had a patch of land we had hoped to clear and build a new garden. He offered to clear it right then and there. So...that's what we did. Roughly marked out about 1500 square feet of scrub, blackberry bushes and old piles of brush. That same neighbor (best neighbor ever!) had a bunch of chain link that he didn't need. He offered that to us so as to keep out the elk, deer, raccoons and other animals around us. We wrapped our new garden in fence, brought in six yards of soil and nearly broke our backs shoveling that soil into beds.

Cleared land, ready for a new garden! Well, almost ready!

We've come a long way since then, and I'll soon be showing you how we did it, and demonstrate the skills and tricks we've learned along the way.


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