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Back country wandering

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Last spring, my husband and I purchased an annual permit for recreational access to thousands of acres of private forest land. This area is near our home, and is an active logging operation. There are roads, trails, lakes and rivers all through out the area. We spent hours this past summer driving all over the property, noting where we could access rivers and lakes for fishing, blackberry hedges for berry picking, and blue elderberry shrubs. We did end up picking gallons of blackberries, which I turned in to jam and syrup. We found a patch of blue huckleberries, which thrilled me! In this area, we mostly have the red huckleberries, so finding enough blue ones for a small batch of jam was delightful. We went out fishing several times, and of course, we were able to enjoy the quiet serenity of the lakes, but did not catch anything. We hope to hunt wild fowl and maybe even deer or elk there this year. Bear and cougars live all around there, so that is a hunting option as well…but a lot less likely!

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